Gospel-centered Social Impact Investing

Apr 7, 2018

Lou Ann Sabatier


Good News for the City

Nov 17, 2017

Howie Levin

OneHeartDC and WAVA 105.1 FM are partnering on a new weekly radio show Good News for the City. The show will highlight how God is working through His Church to provide every man, woman and child in Metro Washington DC repeated opportunities to hear, experience and respond to the Gospel. The show airs every Saturday at 5:30pm and Sunday at 9:00pm and is hosted by Brian Bales, Lead Pastor at Christian Fellowship Church (Ashburn, VA) and Dennis Williams, Director of Ministry Relations at WAVA. Podcasts are available at Good News for the City has the following objectives: ENCOURAGE Christ followers and church leaders through stories of transformation - in lives and... Read more


Statement of Unity

Aug 27, 2017


Embracing our oneness in Christ. Metro Washington DC pastors and ministry leaders are standing in unity with leaders in Richmond, VA and across the nation in these challenging times. We are seeking to forgive, repent and seek justice that restores broken relationships and systems to reflect God’s original intent for creation to flourish (Brenda Salter McNeil). Church and ministry leaders are being asked to read and sign the following Statement of Unity adopted from Richmond as we pursue the hard work of reconciliation. Please sign HERE to stand with us! (Spanish version is also available.)   METRO WASHINGTON DC PASTORS AND MINISTRY LEADERS STATEMENT OF UNITY August 21, 2017 PREAMBLE As... Read more


All Ready, But Not Yet: Racial Reconciliation in Metro Washington DC

Aug 16, 2017

Howie Levin

Recent events in Charlottesville provide yet another reminder of our desperate need for change. “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately sick; who can understand it?” Jeremiah 17:9 ESV Let us not think that the visual examples of racism from the most hateful and evil fringes represent the entire problem. The sin of racism also exists in the Church. This grieves our Lord Jesus for He prayed for unity in His Church: “that they may all be one, just as you, Father, are in me, and I in you, that they also may be in us, so that the world may believe that you have sent me.” John 17:21 ESV Scripture is clear that our oneness in Christ extends to all races and ethnicities. There is... Read more



Mar 29, 2017

Josh Robinson

As we prepare for the Capital Region National Day of Prayer it is imperative that we understand God’s desire for ONE CHURCH – ONE BODY – ONE FAMILY. There are people from every tribe, tongue and nation amongst us, but there are also six generations of people represented on the earth at this current time. God raises up generation after generation to know Him and to be His representatives here on earth.   One of the fundamental principles of scripture is that God is always seeking to do something greater. In Haggai chapter two we read of the second temple that was built after the people came out of captivity and back to the land that God had promised their forefathers. Although, this was an... Read more


Leadership Clusters Part 7 Christ is honored!

Mar 20, 2017

Steve King

     Part 7 - Christ is honored! ​Video   Our ultimate goal is to honor Jesus Christ by obeying the Great Command to love God and people above all else (Matthew 22:37-40) and the Great Commission to make disciples of all peoples (Matthew 28:18-20).  We are learning how to honor Jesus Christ together in the power of the Holy Spirit for the welfare of our city (Jeremiah 29:7). We believe doing so puts the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ on display and fulfills our calling (John 13:34-35; Matthew 5:16).   We are seeking to discover were Jesus is already working in our area and join Him in His work (John 5:17). This involves intentionally walking with Him each day, faithfully shepherding His... Read more


Leadership Clusters Part 6 Co-labor

Mar 15, 2017

Steve King

     Part 6 - Co-labor ​Video   Co-laboring is both a mind-set and a learned skill. It is so easy to focus only on our own local churches and ministries and not invest any time in “kingdom” work.  Consider “tithing” your time each week to connect with other pastors and ministry leaders for the purpose of advancing the gospel in your metro area. At my own local church, we include in our pastoral prayer each week one of our “co-laboring” Band of Brothers local churches. In addition, I mention in messages what God is doing in our area through the Band of Brothers. These simple steps have always encouraged our flock and reminded them that we are not in this alone. We have experienced great... Read more


Leadership Clusters Part 5 Christ - Centeredness

Mar 12, 2017

Steve King

     Part 5 - Christ - Centeredness ​Video   Christ-centeredness is a non-negotiable! There are many needs and pressing issues in our communities that could bring us together but nothing trumps Christ-centeredness. When Jesus Christ is in the center we are compelled to humble ourselves, love each other, value differences and persevere in working together. We have discovered a format for our weekly meetings which naturally reinforces Christ-centeredness. After greeting each other we invite a brother to open in prayer and then we each share “a word from The Word”. Each person is invited to briefly share from God’s Word an insight, a promise or a teaching that has been meaningful to them in... Read more


Leadership Clusters Part 4 Consistency

Mar 8, 2017

Steve King

     Part 4 - Consistency ​Video   Consistency is essential for building trust and advancing the gospel together. Over the years I have tried to bring pastors together in various settings: monthly gatherings for lunch and prayer, bi-weekly meetings for fellowship and encouragement and weekly gatherings for prayer, encouragement and ministry planning.  We have tried rotating the gathering place so that different pastors host and thus “own” the fellowship. Over time we have developed a pattern that provides consistency: we meet weekly at the same place from 7:30 to 9 on Wednesday mornings. Pastors and ministry leaders are busy and providing a consistent place to meet each week makes it easy... Read more


Leadership Clusters Part 3 Connection

Mar 6, 2017

Steve King

     Part 3 - Connection ​Video   Connection with other pastors and ministry leaders must be rooted in genuine care for each other.  Start with the ones you know or the ones in your community that you should know. Share your convictions by modeling your message – genuinely seek to get to know your co-laborers in Christ. Listen, learn, love and pray. When I first attempted to start a fellowship, I tried to build it around a National Association of Evangelicals Doctrine statement. Our group could all sign the document without hesitation but I discovered this was not the place to start. It created an environment in which we were trying to label and categorize each other. When I shifted the... Read more