How do I get my church or organization involved in OneHeartDC?

Join the movement! To get your church or organization involved, visit our Commit page.


What sorts of churches, leaders and organizations join OneHeartDC?

We’re a unified movement of the body of Christ in Washington, DC. We represent hundreds of churches, Christian organizations and leaders across denominations. See our partners.


How can I share events with the OneHeartDC community?

Contact us! We'd love to learn more. To be accepted, an event must be gospel centered, have region wide appeal or impact, and be open to churches collaborating together. Email howie.levin@oneheartdc.org


How are donations to OneHeartDC administered? 

One may make a donation by writing a check payable to "OneHeartDC". Please mail to OneHeartDC, 21673 Beaumeade Circle, Ashburn, VA 20147. OneHeartDC is a registered 501c3 non-profit. Your donations are tax deductible and you will receive a receipt for donations of $250 or more. More details here.


How can I subscribe to event details and news?

Please join our Newsletter for the most recent events. You can submit your login at the bottom of this page. 


Who is the leadership behind OneHeartDC?

Our leaders are a cross section of our community who recognize that the body of Christ has far more work to do than any one church or any denomination can do alone. Get to know our Leadership


How do leaders outside of churches get involved in OneHeartDC?

OneHeartDC facilitates formation of leader-led movements. We’re looking for leaders in business, government, education, media, sports and entertainment, and more to exercise their influence in partnership with other Christians in these spheres to help accomplish the OneHeartDC mission.


Who can become a partner of OneHeartDC?

We’re looking for partners to join with hundreds of others who share our desire to have everyone in our region experience the love, message and hope of Christ. Visit Partners for more. 


How do I connect with churches and organizations that have resources that can help my ministry?

OneHeartDC facilitates and coordinates the sharing of resources among churches, church networks and partnering organizations for the purpose of accomplishing our mission. To request resources, fill out our resource request form.


How do I share resources with churches and organizations that have needs?

If you have resources to share with other churches, church networks and organizations, fill out our resource share form.


How do I submit a story to OneHeartDC?

We'd love to hear it, please submit your story on our Stories page


What’s the relationship between OneHeartDC churches and other networks?

OneHeartDC is a network of networks. We seek to interconnect and nourish these networks, to celebrate what God is doing through them, and to accelerate their missions – all while maintaining their unique identities.