Multiplying the Gospel Together

This past Christmas, churches in Metro Washington multiplied their impact by combining resources to use print and social media to send the message of the gospel to over 2 million people. McLean Bible Church coordinated the production of full page ads in newspapers like the Washington Post, USA Today and publications in Korean, Spanish and Amharic. These ads were also uploaded onto Facebook.  

Christmas and the story of Jesus’s birth presents a unique opportunity where people are interested and more open. The ads focused on God’s purpose in sending his Son and extended God’s offer of salvation to all who would place their faith in Christ alone as the sole means. A website was used to direct people to Bible believing churches. Believers were encouraged to start conversations and post on social media.    

The mass media strategy was inexpensive at about 3 cents per exposure. While also inviting people to churches, the ads provided talking points for spiritual discussions between family, friends and co-workers. It is through such relationships that we multiplied evangelistic impact and follow up.