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Apr 24 2017 | Alfred
God Save Eric McDonald- Please pray for Eric.He suffers greatly with mental and emotional problems.Eric needs salvation ,deliverance, & deep healing.Please care about Eric.Pray Eric will have a life changing experience with Jesus Christ.Eric needs to know Jesus loves and cares about him
Feb 11 2017 | Michelle
Lord help us love people despite their policies or politics. Although we may strongly disagree with their decisions, help us to be decisive in our agreement to love them as you love them!
Feb 3 2017 | Howie
Heavenly Father, in your most gracious and powerful character, please lift up your servant leaders across the DMV. Through your Spirit impress upon their hearts that they are not alone in their callings. Help all to find or start Leadership Clusters where they will find encouragement and fruit, all for Your glory! I ask for safe and nourishing environments for personal support and growth to assure each leader thrives in life and ministry. I ask for fellowships that covenant to support each leader and their ministries, seeking to exemplify fulfillment of Jesus' prayer in John 17. I ask for learning environments for advancing the missions of each church or organization locally (mobilization and transformation). I ask for platforms for leaders from which unified collaboration (across denominational, generational, racial and ethnic diversities) results in saturation of the DMV with the Gospel in Word and Deed. I ask that You would grant a great awakening and revival in the DMV for Your glory!
Dec 31 2016 | Anonymous
God, I know you are compassionate and ask that you meet the needs of my neighbors, especially the most urgent need of knowing & loving you.
Dec 30 2016 | Edmund
Are you ready Church? "And I sought for a man among them who should build up the wall and stand in the breach before me for the land..." Ezekiel 22:30
Nov 14 2016 | Dr. Corinthia Ridgley Boone
I pray for the ability to feel what another person is experiencing from within. The feeling for someone else’s sorrow, misfortune, fears: feelings of hopelessness. The threat of my family being torn apart and deported. Every culture experiencing deep uncertainty. Create in me a clean heart and renew a right spirit in me. (Psalm 50:10) Grant me the heart to pray and reach out to those who are hurting, persons engaged in destructive behavior propelled by a sense of powerlessness. Forgive me (us) for our apathy (lack of interest, concern, indifference). Help us to realize: How goes “One” today, could be “All” of us tomorrow. Mercy Is Our Cry! Amen!!
Nov 7 2016 | OneHeartDC
As the DMV votes tomorrow, may you grant us wisdom... to place Jesus and the Kingdom first, to think biblically and trust you with the outcomes, to be united as a Body (as a testimony to the world) and to pray for all candidates (even when we cast different votes).
Sep 24 2016 | Howie
We see brokenness and no way of fixing ourselves and the world, but God, you see life and hope. Help us to see it and do it your way. Help us to love each other like Jesus loved.


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