Race Literacy 101


Little Lights is once again hosting a Race Literacy 101 class this spring starting March 14th.  

This is a 11 session study and discussion group  that will meet together weekly to learn and discuss authentically and thoughtfully on the issue of race and racism in an honest yet grace-filled environment.  

There will be times of personal sharing, interactive activities, and classroom style learning.

We will be viewing Race: Power of an Illusion video series (PBS) as well as other materials to learn more about the history and the “science” of Race to help us be better educated and more racially “literate” rather than acting on presuppositions and assumptions.  We will also look at some relevant passages in the Bible and address the increasing racial divide in society and the church.  

We will also discuss ways to be part of the solution regarding the racial divide and work toward helping one another find healing this collective wound.   There is also an informal dinner after the conclusion of the class.  Feel free to forward to others.  PDF flyer attached.  There is no cost for the class, but donations to Little Lights are appreciated.  

When: Wednesday evenings starting March 14th at 7pm

Where: Little Lights Center, 760 7th Street SE, DC, 20003

To RSVP or for more info, contact Steve Park at raceliteracy@littlelights.org


Wednesday, March 14, 7:00pm to 9:00pm
Little Lights Center
760 7th Street SE
20003 Washington , DC
United States
Repeats every week every Wednesday 11 times .