CityServeDC – Collaboration to Bless the DMV

CityServeDC – Collaboration to Bless the DMV

Jill Carmichael
National Community Church

CityServeDC is seeking to equip and empower people to serve with Kingdom purpose in our community. In order to do that we strive to create a partnership between churches, nonprofits, businesses, and the government. Knowing that alone we are just a drop in the bucket of solutions to the needs in our community but together we can rebuild a broken region for Christ.

The first step is getting the word out about what we are already doing and about creating opportunities for people to meet the needs through ongoing service. We have chosen to use an amazing new tool called Awaken My City ( Through this tool service opportunities can be posted and people from all around the community can sign up to meet those needs. Churches and nonprofits can get help to meet the needs of the people they serve and those who help can engage and build relationships.

We are seeking to build momentum towards a fantastic event that is happening this summer called Together 2016 where we will join thousands of Christians on the National Mall on July 16th to celebrate all that God is doing and to pray for his Kingdom to come to Earth. Long term, we are looking to build partnerships and strategies as we work together to serve our region and proclaim the gospel.

For more information on how Awaken My City works WATCH THIS!:

We anticipate these types of serving opportunities:

∙Anti-trafficking    ∙Child Advocacy   ∙Community Development

∙Disabilities   ∙Education   ∙Elderly   ∙Health and Wellness

∙Homelessness   ∙Hunger   ∙Incarceration   ∙Poverty   ∙Prayer Walking

We are looking for reps from the District and counties around the DMV to help get word out and answer questions. To get involved as a rep or to become a partner in what God is doing in this community please contact:

Jill Carmichael,, 202.544.0414, ext. 152