Leadership Clusters Part 2 Conviction

Leadership Clusters Part 2 Conviction

Steve King
Sr. Pastor, Cherrydale Baptist Church, Arlington, VA


 Part 2 – Conviction


Conviction is absolutely essential if one is to effectively persuade pastors and ministry leaders to habitually come together for prayer, encouragement and ministry. A conviction is a core belief that does not change with pressure as opposed to a preference which fluctuates with circumstances. My biblically-based convictions have pushed me through dozens of quitting points for over 30 years and compelled me to persevere in bringing pastors and ministry leaders together.

Before you attempt to bring pastors and ministry leaders’ together, shore up your convictions!

  • Are you convinced that Jesus Christ established his church to advance his kingdom around the world (Matthew 16:18; Acts 1:8)?
  • Are you held by a conviction that gospel–centered local churches must work together to fulfill our biblical mandate to make disciples of all people (Matthew 28:18-20)?
  • Do you truly believe that gospel-centered local churches are not in competition with each other but are co-laborers together (Acts 15; Ephesians 3:20-21)?
  • Are you persuaded that part of God’s call on your life is to intentionally partner with other gospel-centered churches to seek the welfare of the city you are in ( Jeremiah 29:7; Matthew 5:16)?

Sidebar:   What’s a Leadership Cluster?

Leadership Clusters exist for prayer, encouragement, sharpening and mission providing:

  • Safe and nourishing environments for personal support and growth to assure each member thrives in life and ministry.
  • Fellowships that covenant to support each other and their ministries, seeking to exemplify fulfillment of Jesus’ prayer in John 17.
  • Learning environments for advancing the missions of each church or organization locally.
  • Platforms from which unified collaboration (across denominational, generational, racial and ethnic diversities) results in saturation of the Metro Washington DC region (the DMV) with the Gospel in Word and Deed.

Check out the OneHeartDC Leadership Cluster Covenant.


We are praying for you – that if you are in a Cluster, you are experiencing these benefits; and if you are not in a Cluster, that you will either find one or start one!


Pastor Steve King has been serving as the Senior Pastor at Cherrydale since October 2 of 1983. Entering his third decade of ministry, the challenges and opportunities are as inspiring to him today as they were more than 30 years ago. Pastor King has watched God accomplish marvelous things in the lives of His people, and under his leadership at Cherrydale, the church family reaches out to all areas of the Northern Virginia/Metropolitan DC region and throughout the world.