Our leaders are a cross section of our community who recognize that the body of Christ has far more work to do than any one church or any denomination can do alone.

Our leaders are committed to common set of values:

  • Relationships first – value and respect
  • True peers on mission – humility
  • Shared responsibility – authentic accountability
  • One heart – alignment

Dr. Corinthia Boone
Kevin Hawkins
Steve Park
Elwood Jones
Lon Solomon
Clyde Jones
Carl Jackson
Jeff Jacob
Mike Minter
Bill Kynes
Perrin Rogers
John K. Jenkins Sr.
Joshua Symonette
Mike Kelsey
Carlos Peñaloza
Aberra Tessema
Jill Carmichael
Hanfere Aligaz
Alfred A. Owens Jr.
Tom Tarrants
T L Rogers
Heather Cirmo
Steve King
Joel White
Chris Sicks
Dave Brown
Jake Abraham
Lamont S Jones
Stuart McAlpine
Howie Levin
Taylor Barkley
Antonio Cyrus
Aaron Graham
Won Sang Lee
Dick Eagan
Scott Maurer
Michael Palmer
Edwin Jones
Melvin Maxwell
Brian Bales
Dennis Williams
Eung Yul Ryoo
Dean Luckenbaugh
Elias Jimenez
Gustavo Pacheco
Ron Curry
Rob Bromhead
Jorge Pina
Harold Brinkley
John Cha
Eric Teitelman
Owen Lee
Bobby Manning
Dexter Nutall