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The OneHeartDC Platform is determined to help turn untapped passive capacity into active capacity by linking like-minded people together and by creating a supportive infrastructure (connecting people, churches and organizations; sharing information online and through our Good News for the City radio show; networking resources, tools and training; assessing coverage and impact of the Gospel in Metro Washington).


Leadership Clusters of pastors and ministry leaders or marketplace leaders meet regularly for prayer, encouragement, sharpening and mission.

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Geographically dispersed clusters of church and ministry leaders and marketplace leaders.

Catalysts are making connections and strengthening collaboration - providing a stimulus, a spark, an impetus that accelerates the OneHeartDC.

Coordinators lead teams focusing on prayer, NextGen, racial reconciliation, inner city, marketplace and more.

Movement support is being provided by the Luis Palau Association, Christ Together Network, Frontline Ministries, Movement Day, OneCry, Pulse / Together, CS Lewis Institute, and others.


Are the currency of our culture. Through our radio show, at events and online we are highlighting how together OneHeartDC partners are providing every man, woman and child repeated opportunities to see, hear and respond to the Gospel. WAVA 105.1 FM Salem Radio Network’s premiere 50,000 watt outlet and OneHeartDC are partnering on a weekly radio show called Good News for the City.


Good News For The City

The show airs 5:30pm Saturdays, 11:30am and 9:00pm on Sundays, and is podcast at The show highlights how God is working through our partners. Listeners are exposed to stories of greater Body partnerships, everyday people mobilizing and living out their faith, and the impact of interpersonal and organized prayer.


We produce events and form partnerships for prayer, worship, training and service to bring the broadest possible cross-section of the Body of Christ together. These gatherings provide an opportunity for Christ followers to experience the Church as it really is – across our denominations, generations, racial and ethnic diversities – and build Oneness of spirit and purpose.


We encourage, coach and resource our partners to accelerate the Gospel movement by connecting with other church and parachurch organizations. In particular, we partner with the Christ Together network and use their resources for training our leaders.

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OneHeartDC is building a web based resource that identifies what God is doing in the region through His Church, captures outcomes and impact and points others to resources that will help them multiply these good works in their contexts.