Leadership Clusters Part 4 Consistency

Leadership Clusters Part 4 Consistency

Steve King
Sr. Pastor, Cherrydale Baptist Church, Arlington, VA


 Part 4 – Consistency


Consistency is essential for building trust and advancing the gospel together. Over the years I have tried to bring pastors together in various settings: monthly gatherings for lunch and prayer, bi-weekly meetings for fellowship and encouragement and weekly gatherings for prayer, encouragement and ministry planning.  We have tried rotating the gathering place so that different pastors host and thus “own” the fellowship.

Over time we have developed a pattern that provides consistency: we meet weekly at the same place from 7:30 to 9 on Wednesday mornings. Pastors and ministry leaders are busy and providing a consistent place to meet each week makes it easy to stay connected with each other. I have learned that consistent communication with the “band of brothers” has been helpful. I send out an email message before each weekly gathering and pass along ministry ideas and resources.

I recognize that consistency is a challenge due to the demands of ministry and the tyranny of too little time. It’s natural to feel the cost of being absent is only one’s own, but this is not true. Something is lost relationally with others and missionally when we cannot show. Our bond and the benefits make our weekly meetings have become top priority. Our brothers have learned that they can count on the Band of Brothers being there for them.

  • How high a priority is maintaining consistency in your relationships with other pastors and ministry leaders?
  • What would it look like if you tithed your time to relationships and mission with others beyond the walls of your church or ministry?
  • Consider your personal and ministry rhythms and discuss these with colleagues to find times and places that work for your cluster.

Check out the OneHeartDC Leadership Cluster Covenant.

We are praying for you – that you and your colleagues are finding consistency; and that you all of you are experiencing deepening relational bonds through your commitment to consistency within your Cluster.

Pastor Steve King has been serving as the Senior Pastor at Cherrydale since October 2 of 1983. Entering his third decade of ministry, the challenges and opportunities are as inspiring to him today as they were more than 30 years ago. Pastor King has watched God accomplish marvelous things in the lives of His people, and under his leadership at Cherrydale, the church family reaches out to all areas of the Northern Virginia/Metropolitan DC region and throughout the world.